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Content-Authoring & Site Update Services

Nothing can be as discouraging to your potential customers as realizing your website hasn't been updated in months--even years--and that your site's content fails to address the questions these customers have about your products or services. Indeed, in today's increasingly competitive Internet marketplace, it's no longer sufficient merely to establish a Web presence--to truly harness the power of the Internet, it is imperative your website is updated regularly with content relevant to current clients and appealing to potential customers.

To provide our customers with the competitive edge needed to succeed in the constantly-evolving Internet marketplace, Area-Wide Technologies offers unrivaled content-authoring and website-updating services. In fact, the company's head of Internet Services has authored content for businesses of all sizes since 1999, utilizing degrees in journalism and English to ensure all company-authored content outclasses the competition and meets all established criteria for publication.
  • You're doing business with a local provider
  • AWT's update team is qualified & experienced
  • Discussions of suitable content are held in person
  • Flexible scheduling allows for easy budgeting
  • Group updates with hosting for a single expense
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   Area-Wide Technologies' comprehensive content-authoring services include:   
  • Content authored entirely by Area-Wide or in conjunction with your company's marketing materials
  • Industry-specific content tailored to your company's target customer demographic
  • Multiple outlets for publishing new content, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Content is authored based on your company's unique needs and marketing objectives
   Offered hand-in-hand with Area-Wide's unrivaled content-authoring solutions is the option to let us handle making regular updates to your company's website. Simply put, many businesses lack the time necessary both to author new, relevant content and to upload such content to their corprorate website.

Area-Wide Technologies makes it easy for your company to post regular updates to its website--as well as to its blog, Facebook page, or various other platform relevant to your particular industry. By defining the number of times each month your site is updated by Area-Wide--as well as the type of update required, the number of pages to be updated, and the nature of the content comprising the updates--you can take advantage of the marketing benefits that come with frequent website updates and lock in a budget for such updates as well.

Area-Wide's routine web-updating services feature:
  • Content authors with degrees in journalism, English, and finance
  • An update team with more than a decade of experience authoring content for diverse industries
  • Flexible update scheduling options
  • A variety of updates available, including text, image, blog, social media, and more
To learn more about Area-Wide's content-authoring solutions and periodic website updating services or to receive a quote customized to the needs of your business, please contact our central Champaign office by calling (217) 359-8041, or use our online contact form.