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Area-Wide's Servers Deliver from Day One

For more than a decade, the business technology solutions delivered by Area-Wide Technologies have utilized industry-leading hardware to ensure immensely reliable performance may be enjoyed by companies of any size. In fact, along with an upgraded Internet connection, newly-configured firewall, and new, custom-built Area-Wide workstations, there are few elements of the network upgrades and maintenance for which we're known state-wide as responsible for improved performance as a new, expertly optimized business-class server.

Although Area-Wide sells and services business-class servers manufactured by leading vendors such as Dell and IBM, our most popular class of server is the one we build and configure within the walls of our Champaign headquarters. Designed by Cory Douglas, Area-Wide's Director of Technical Services, and overseen by Director of Purchasing Gene Heitman, our almost infinitely customizable series of high-performance servers belong to one of the following four designations:
  • Entry-level server configurations
  • Business-class server configurations
  • High-performance server configurations
  • High-capacity storage server configurations
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Area-Wide Technologies' custom-built servers are available
in a number of rack-compatible sizes beginning at 1U.

The server pictured above is a 2U server built and
assembled at Area-Wide's headquarters in Champaign.

(Click here for an explanation of the units
of measurement used for rack-mount server cases.)
  » What to expect from a custom-built Area-Wide Technologies server
Firstly, as is the case with Area-Wide's custom workstations, all four categories of customized servers deliver impressive performance to help your business maximize its investment in technology infrastructure. Built using the best, most reliable system components on the market today, every business-class server assembled by Area-Wide is also optimized for years of peak performance after it has been deployed.
In addition to differences with internal configuration, each of Area-Wide's four categories of server can vary based on the amount of data storage, media drives, and other options with which each system is equipped. Furthermore, servers may be custom-built using the kind of case familiar to most desktop users, but the rack-mount variety of server has seen a tremendous explosion in popularity over the past decade. In particular, the space-saving aspects of rack-mount servers--coupled with their ability to be deployed literally on top of servers fulfilling other roles or those being phased out by your organization--make this variety increasingly the standard in today's professional business environment.

For even more detailed information about Area-Wide's line of customized business servers, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the sales team or Director or Purchasing Gene Heitman by calling our central Champaign office by calling (217) 359-8041 or using our online contact form.