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Disaster Recovery

A sound disaster recovery / business continuity plan is essential to protect the well being of any organization. This cannot really be over emphasized... yet many companies still side-step the issue or hold plans which are clearly out of date and inadequate.

Part of the hesitation in building a DR plan is the realization that:
  • Creating such a plan, maintaining and testing the plan can be a massive undertaking, involving a series of complex design processes.
  • Part of the DR plan is the need to consider the potential impact of a disaster and the need to understand the underlying risks. This is often difficult to do.
  • Following these activities the plan itself must be constructed. Then regular maintenance and testing must be performed at periodic intervals to ensure that it remains functional and appropriate to the needs of the organization.
After all of that bad news, the good news is that there are new Virtualization technologies that will greatly assist in your DR planning and implementation. Virtualization technology, combined with off-site backups and rapid-restore technology can mitigate your concerns about a disaster involving your data.

Let Area-Wide assist you in the implementation and maintenance of your Disaster Recovery Plan. We have helped numerous companies throughout the central Illinois region, and continue to work with them on testing and validating their DR plans. Area-Wide also maintains a Tier 4 Datacenter in which to store your valuable data, should you have the need for maximum storage protection. All of these assets will allow Area-Wide to put your mind at ease and know that if the unthinkable does happen, your data will be safe, restored and functional in a matter of days.
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